24 September, 2014

Hello College1: importance of rock-solid routines

Hey everybody :)

First things first, I'm super sorry for not posting last Wednesday! I spent the week in Vienna, assisting   the event-management company I worked for last Spring with a running event. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work! I do plan on writing a post about my job and position at that company, since I loved it (most of the time ;) ) and it really influenced my future plans (education & career-wise).

Today however, I want to talk about the importance and advantage of having some structure in your every-day life. College is starting for me (and probably some of you) in a few days and I thought it was the perfect time to talk about the subject.
Routines help map out your day and make sure you get the most important things done. The regular repetition gives you the necessary consistency to get into the right mindset. In this situation our brain is kind of simple: after remembering to do simple tasks and making them a habit (by doing them around the same time every day/week/month) our brain saves energy and can put more focus into more important things, like (school) work, creativity, etc. 
Absolutely love my desk area - it inspires me to get more done!

I'm still working on establishing some perfect routines, but these are my top routines to make life easier: 

  • Morning / getting ready routine: Starting in an early school age up to any adult, having a perfectly scheduled morning before you get out of the house is crucial. And anyone who wants to be successful at what they are doing or just wants to get sh*t done, should establish a morning routine tailored to their needs.  It should cover a time to get out of bed, breakfast (I haven't breakfasted much for years, but I'm working on changing that!), and getting ready in a certain manner. With routines it's all about consistency. So you should repeat this every mooring you have important things to do (week mornings for most of us). 
  • Night-time routine: Your night routine helps you have less stressful mornings and wind-down for a good sleep. My night routine starts after dinner, and I'll set a time for some tidying up, showering, etc., getting things ready for the morning, going to bed and actually turning off the light to sleep. You should definitely incorporate some time to do something you love, like reading or yoga but try to steer away from any screens for a while before you go to sleep. Although I might still watch a show after dinner, once I brush my teeth etc. I'll try (and work on) not using my laptop or phone anymore. You could definitely read!
  • Fitness routine: A fitness routine does not have to be a daily thing. But if your fitness is something you want to work on or are passionate about, you should obligate yourself to certain days & times and stick to that schedule. As with all of these routines, sticking to them for a few weeks will make it easier, and you will be less likely to put something off or giving it up all together. 
  • Cleaning routine: A cleaning up routine can be tricky (lol, at least for me) but once you have the perfect schedule and have internalized it, it will help keep your house/apartment/room clean without giving you too much stress. Ideally one should incorporate some little tasks daily (e.g. wiping off counter-tops), bigger ones weekly (In my apartment it would be perfect if I did every room once a week), some monthly and you can get away with doing some only yearly (doing things monthly and yearly probably applies more to house-owners). Along side with your cleaning routine would also be a laundry routine. But I think you get the picture. 
And these are some extras that I have found to be really helpful
  • Sunday routine: You might not agree with me on this one, and say: "Amy, it's SUNDAY, I have off and I don't want to commit to any boring schedule!" I totally agree with you, if that's how you feel! For me however, Sunday is the perfect day to not only relax, but at the same time to use all that freedom to get ready for the week ahead. Since we (my boyfriend and I) usually either visit my family or his on Sunday, I incorporated a few family hours. Besides that I planned in some time for school work, fitness, week preparation (shopping,etc.), once-a-week beauty regimes, hanging out and doing what ever I want to, etc. 
  • EOM routine: I have an EOM routine (End Of Month), So I'll take one of the last (free) days in the month and go through some important things, especially finances. I'll also check my calendar for any important up-coming events, and kind of plan out time to try to avoid any unwanted surprises. Classes haven't started yet, but I think this will definitely come in handy regarding exams and project-dead lines. 

So to sum it all up, to make your life easier and not seem like your following a constant time schedule, it is important to follow through and get used to your schedules for a few weeks (they say we need about 3 weeks to establish a new habit). Once you have done that you will have or will soon be used to all those good habits, they will seem like second nature. It's also just as important to plan in time for family, fun, friends AND YOU-TIME - since that is what keeps us going! 

Sorry for the long post, but it's really a topic I love :D
♡ Amelie


A quick update on the Fit4Fall Challenge:

Congrats to Michaela for being such a trooper!! And SORRY! working at the event last week and not being at home, basically also sucked out all my energy and motivation for any fitness. So I'm pretty much a week behind. BUT, I did stick to the nutrition rule, and didn't have any unhealthy snacks except for a cheat on Sunday (I believe) when I was invited to a girls night and couldn't say no to chips, chocolate and wine. 
This week I however have already done the Joker for last week's TV shows, I did 8 sets of 25 triangle jumps. (not sure if I watched more than 8 shows last week, haha). I also went for a 6,5k run (my longest stretch to this point-yay!) I can definitely get in those 42k by the end of the challenge :) And I have started to incorporate the toning-exercise in my morning routine! So I should be on the right track now, although a week late! 

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