02 März, 2015


M A R C H - M A D N E S S! 

Health & Fitness is EVERYWHERE! :-) And I think it's great!!
inslee calendars
Of course, critiques warn about poor body-image and severe issues especially for young adults, who may be easier influenced by media, often only thinking about the results without keeping all-over health in mind.
To avoid getting caught up in unhealthy habits I think it's important to focus on the fact that we are all working on ourselves. I, for instance, will try to focus less on extremely fit & gorgeous women/people on social media but on old photos of myself in which I too was pretty fit, if I may say so! ;)

Today I want to talk about #SalzburgDetoxt
In the Blogging community, a group of girls (from Salzburg) have decided to do a week of detoxing. starting today (March 2nd)-Friday (March 6th).
Everybody makes their own few rules and thinks about a some healthy habits they want to implement this week. Many of them are going vegan for the week!
Here are the founding ladies/blogs

Of course, Michaela & I want to participate & kick-start the spring
Michaela's Insta
Here is Michaela's plan:

  •  1 juice per day
  • little to no gluten
  • less social media
  • more exercise
  • little to no meat

Amy's Insta
My plan for the week:

  • 3x 750ml bottle of water/day 
  • only water/unsweetened tea
  • no food after 8pm
  • no sweets/chocolate/ unhealthy sugar
  • either light exercise (walking/biking) or actual workout (running/swimming/gym)

As you can see, my plan is really basic + a lot of exercise! I have a weakness for eating late at night -> 8pm rule and I often am the worst couch-potato ever- that's why I want to workout a few times -> but even on the days when I don't, I want to get some light exercise in as well, just to keep my body moving!

So join the club! and post anything with #Salzburgdetoxt
♡ Amelie