02 Februar, 2015

Lesson learned 1: Dealing with major setbacks and disappointments

Hey readers! <3 I have a new series for you:::: "lesson learned" are posts where I like to share my point of view and advice on topics relevant to the matter of (me) growing up. Just things I'm picking up along the way. Have fun! :)

Petrichoria- Allison Rathan
Sooner or later you will most likely have to deal with disappointments or major setbacks, particularly, concerning your education or career. College might reject you or you might find out after an expensive semester there, that it is simply not right for you, or maybe you’ll lose your job. I’ve actually experienced all of the above, however the last happened to me not even a whole year ago and resulted into be one of the worst times of my somewhat short life. The lesson I have learned/ am still learning?

1)    Take a deep breath – This is not the end of the world/ your education/ your career – this especially concerns the first minutes-hours and prevents you from doing irrational things you will regret later

2)    Be sad, mad, disappointed, cry  – Okay, so what if we are out of our emotional puberty? If something is important to you, you are allowed to feel all the feels and get it all out (cheesy, I know). This is necessary for you to move on, at least out of this emotional phase.

3)    Ask yourself, what is it that YOU need and want right now (in a longer sense)? Not what anybody expects, just selfish old YOU. A gap time abroad? Some time off, living at home with your parents? It doesn’t matter what your heart desires, do it! The only thing that matters in this stage is to MAKE IT COUNT. I assure you, that this is the step (however long it takes) that will give you more insight into what your plans and goals are for the future. Maybe your plans stay the same, but you have a new motivation and or strategy to achieve them.

4)    This is why it is SO important to make your YOU-time (step 3) count – Once you have defined what you want to achieve and how you will do it, you will slowly be getting “back into the saddle” Applying for colleges, interviews, heck, opening up your own start-up. This is when all your experiences, connections, ideas, projects, YouTube videos, your blog -> you name it (!) – come in handy. Maybe it’s exactly those traveling experiences that set you apart from other college applicants. Or maybe your new blogging skills will land you that marketing job. Etc. etc. etc.

5)    And if at first you don’t succeed try, try again! – Don’t give up!! Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. To find purpose in your future, step no. 3 is very important. And once you know for sure, step no. 3,5 ;) is to really define which steps of action are necessary to get there.

♡ Amelie


  1. amazing post! such inspiring words thank you for being so brave and sharing! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/the-perfect-gluten-free-snacking.html xx

    1. Hey Amy! Thanks so much!! This our very first comment ever :) I've checked out some of your posts, and really enjoy them! keep up the good work & your welcome back anytime!
      xoxo Amelie