12 Februar, 2015

POLYVORE account & Valentine's Inspo

Hi scribble-readers!

So Valentine's Day is coming up once again, and no matter what you have planned: chances are, you'll be looking for some fashion & beauty inspo. BOOM! Soulscribble to the rescue!
This is also a good time to share our POLYVORE (www.polyvore.com) account with you.

If you don't know POLYVORE yet, it's a super fun site/tool/game/app :P that allows you to create fashion (& more) - collages, just like, for instance magazines. It has a ton (literally millions) of items/brands/shops to choose from. To top it all off, you can click on any item and will directly be forwarded to an online shop, where you can buy it. To be honest, this feature is awesome but I actually haven't tried it yet, since I'm scared, I'll go a little crazy :D

edgy but chic like Miley C. 
Here are some of the sets I have created - maybe some ideas for VDay as well <3 enjoy
shopping day with your friends
February blues
casual cute date night all in blue
super chic sushi dinner
Stylish on the slopes!
romantic florals 
Those are just a few of the sets I've created but feel free to check out our account: as always:  "soul scribble" . And of course; anyone with an account, follow us, and we will follow you back :)

♡ Amelie


  1. You created beautiful and inspiring outfits!
    Thank you for your so nice comment on my blog. You have a charming blog and now I wonder if you are interested in following each other?

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    1. Dear Rena,

      Thanks a lot! Of course we'd love to follow you! -stupid Q; where? We are definitely following your blog on bloglovin' :)

      xx, Amelie & Michi

  2. I love romantics florals! xo


    1. Thank you & Happy You like it! I enjoy your blog as well, especially the beauty posts :)
      xoxo Amy

  3. I've always heard about polyvore but haven't looked much into it! I'm probably going to get hooked aha xx

    1. Haha! yeah, it does that to people! (get them hooked ;) ) you should def. add us, once you have your account!
      Like your blog emilyjane
      xoxo Amy