15 Oktober, 2014

time off - time out .

Hey favorite readers :)

I know I have been M-I-A (missing in action). And on the one hand, I would apologize, on the other hand however, I don't regret taking a bit of a time out the last days/weeks. 
Here is my reason: 
1) There has been so much going on, and so many changes in my life, that it seemed difficult to concentrate on too many things. These are times, when life needs you to make a judgment call and decide for yourself, where your priorities lie. My nr. one priority is really easy - my college. but after that, I have to think of my friends, boyfriend, family, apartment, myself, fitness and on top of that the blog. I know that there are many people that can juggle all this and much more at the same time! And I also know that I CAN DO IT too. It just takes time. But I'm getting there. I have already found some balance between school, bf, girlfriends.. ;)

enjoy the sunshine from time to time
2) It's not like the last few weeks have been stressful in a negative way. yes, I often rushed from one place to the next, or from homework to fun with buddies BUT I have been loving the living in the moment. That could mean, you spontaneously join a friend at a bar without debating it for too long or it could mean you just sit in the sunset, enjoying the view. (LIKE MY PHOTO :P)
It truly is inspiring. Even when I have free time and not too much to do, I sometimes couldn't make myself do anything important. Being responsible is a grown up decision to make. I happily admit, that (in my eyes) I am not yet fully grown up.

So I think I am ready to be back. Michaela and I are going to an awesome fashion event in Salzburg this friday, so I am planning on writing a report about it on saturday! stay tuned and don't forget, to just be sometimes. 

♡ Amelie

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