03 Oktober, 2014

Hello College2: first impressions

Hi everybody!
It’s Thursday evening and my first week at college is officially over! So I would like to sum up my first impressions and throw in some tips here and there!

My very first day: started off a bit hectic (as you can imagine).: I actually had prepared an outfit but once I put it on in the Morning, I wasn’t satisfied at all and changed my clothes a few times ;). This threw me off my time schedule completely and I wound up leaving the house with no make up on!
Idea: If what you wear on your first day is super important to you, you should definitely chose your outfit and maybe try it on already the night before.

My colleagues/class mates: As my study program is in the tourism field and all subjects are held in English, my class is extremely diverse. We have at least one person from every continent. Up to now I can only say the best about the people in my class! I feel like we have been getting along well and are bound to have a great time together!
Do’s & Don’ts: Do try and “hang out” with as many different people as possible. It’s easy to find one friend and stick to him/her but at least for the first couple of days, I think it’s a good idea to try and get to know as many as you can. Then, later on, you’ll have a better idea and it’ll be easier to find your place in the group. DON’T be the party girl/guy. It’s one thing to be an initiator/organizer in a group and help team building. But I don’t want to be the girl that always wants to go out. The one, that ALWAYS posts the event-ads and that always joins the party.  

Subjects & studies: I’ve already had a few subjects and I’m happy to say, I’m super satisfied and already have learned quite a bit! The lecturers and other staff have been great & kind. I’m looking forward to learning more.
Tipp: stay focused and avoid distractions! You probably don’t have a no-mobile phone rule. But avoid using your phone during class! An important message every now&then is fine, but 1.) It’s rude to the person standing in front of the class presenting a topic, 2.) You are harming your grad and your future. And on a less dramatic note, whatever you don’t learn at class, you’ll have to study at home. This also counts for the use of your laptop. Use it wisely and what it is meant to be used for. Be a responsible adult and eliminate useless, distractions for the time-being.

Time management: For the last few days it has been more difficult to stay on track with certain daily tasks. When I came home I usually had a bite to eat and fell to sleep soon after. This is something I have to work on. I do however think, this can change quickly.

Idea: I think you have to accept that your daily routine/tasks may be thrown off a bit in the first week(s). Make school your priority and go from there. Now that I have an idea what my schedule will roughly look like for the next few weeks, I can actually plan in other things that are important to me, like exercise, work and so on.

So, I hope I didn't bore you too much about my own studies. This is, in a way, a diary. Maybe you can relate to some points and maybe some of the hacks are helpful to you. Let me know! 
♡ Amelie

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