12 April, 2015

I started Yoga! #yogamy

Hey all!

I'm back with a health/fitness related post & my new obsession: yoga! To be honest, I never took the whole yoga-hype of the last years seriously. Just a few days ago however, my boyfriend and I started it purely by coincidence. We were looking for something to do last Sunday evening and for some reason decided on checking out a yoga video on Youtube and trying it together.

We stumbled upon Yoga with Adriene (Adriene Mishler) who is known to be one of the best Yoga-youtubers, and found "30 Days Of Yoga" a program she created to kick off the new year. She posted a 15-30min yoga sequence a day basically all of January.

our "routine":
Well basically, we just follow her program day by day and finished day 7 this morning. Although we did it in the evening the first time, we switched to the morning for weekdays and have stuckt to it, up to now. When I start classes around 8:15, we'll start as early as 6:30am and if we have more time, we may sleep for a bit longer. Anyway it's a really nice way to start your day, no matter at which hour!

1) get up & throw on yoga/comfy/workout clothes
2) quick teeth brushing & face washing (nothing special)
3) large glass of water (I like mine with some lemon)
4) I love to open up our balcony door all the way (for a few min.), so it's super fresh & airy
5) get things set up & ready to go :) #namaste
6) once I'm done, I try to have at least half an hour for my regular "tasks" before I have to leave. (breakfast, normal outfit, makeup or so)

my thoughts/experience:
obviously I'm super satisfied & excited about it! <3 :D
Doing gymnastics my whole childhood & teenage years, I had the prejudice of it being easy and for not-so sporty people, which it can be - anyone can start yoga (I can only recommend it!!) BUT MAN, it can be a workout! Adriene often includes some full-body workout moves, so 1. don't underestimate it (like I did) and 2. don't be worried you won't be able to handle it. She gives different options, and encourages everyone to move at their own pace.

And I love the relaxed part. As most people, my life has been super hectic, it great to just enjoy the moment before heading off into my day. Moreover I get this energized, accomplished feeling once we're done, which gives me an all-over positive attitude towards the day ahead of me.
It's something I really look forward to doing, and I love sharing the experience with my boyfriend. We started it together and will keep discovering it together.

So yeah people, I really love it and could recommend it to anybody. Maybe I'll post some more about my experience with the 30-day program.

XX Amy

pics used:
yoga clipart http://images.clipartpanda.com/co-host-clipart-clip-art-yoga-860058.jpg
Adriene Mishler http://yogawithadriene.com/wake-get-moving-travel-yoga/ (google images)

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