18 Februar, 2015

WebDiscovery: YUMMLY.COM (The Best Site for Recipes, Recommendations, Food and Cooking)

OMGIf you are in to cooking, I just found an amazing website!! - or should I say platform?-
YUMMLY is like a Pinterest just for recipes (all for free!) and designed to be efficient and easy to use.

This is how it works:

  • You create an account by connecting either to google+, Facebook or via email address. 
  • You can simply browse the extensive collection.

What makes it special:

  • You can enter information like: age, sex, amount of people you are cooking for, special diets (pale, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) and allergies -> YUMMLY will try and suggest recipes according to your needs, e.g. by changing the amounts of ingredients
  • It offers a detailed table of nutritional facts
  • The instructions are simple and usually include a video in addition to make it even easier
  • The design is simple, easy and very appealing to the eyes ;) including beautiful recipe photos
  • You can save recipes and categorized them like Pinterest-boards
  • YUMMLY also makes new food suggestions based on recipes you have looked at or saved.

Haha! This looks like it's a sponsored post - I wish it was ;) But honestly, I was just amazed by the site and if you enjoy cooking as much as I do and want to try new recipes, I can only recommend it to you.

Head over!

♡ Amelie


  1. a pinterest for food?!! sounds amazing!!! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/believe-in-yourself.html xx

    1. Thank you Amy! I really liked your post about self confidence!
      <3 Amelie